Broadwater gets a 99% ROI

In June 2017, Tim Etheridge, the Strata Lighting specialist at Proenergy submitted a proposal to up-grade the entire complex of six buildings at Broadwater, to Andrew Tunks of Netstrata.  The total project estimate was to up-grade 1,237 lights at a cost of $100,598 with an estimated payback of 26.65 months.

Andrew arranged for the Committee to examine the original proposal and it was decided to proceed with the Fire stairs, as these spaces had lights burning 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

The combined savings from using Motion Sensor LED light fittings, reducing the number of Emergency lights and using Emergency fittings with replaceable batteries, in the Fire stairs offered the best opportunities for cost savings.

The table at right shows the detailed analysis of the Before & After energy bills. The energy supplier was ERMEnergy costs were low at 19.5 c/kW-Hr

We up-graded 160 Fluorescent fittings, 87 of them Emergency fittings.  Project investment was $22,398 (ex GST)

ENERGY SAVINGS per Year      $15,192

Reduced energy demand is 78,000 kW/Hr or about 74 tonnes of Carbon not being released every year.

Payback on energy savings alone is 17.7 months or 68% Return on Strata funds.

 Add MAINTENANCE SAVINGS per Year     $6,960

Emergency Fluoro fittings are thrown out when the battery fails an annual fire test every 2-3 years. –Proenergy fittings have a replaceable Lithium Ion battery, saving about $80 per year, per fitting.

Payback on Energy + Maintenance Savings is 12 Months

The Project Return on Investment is 99%

The above figures are based on the Actual energy bills and verified maintenance costs.

“In their Proposal, Proenergy indicated a 26-month payback on energy savings and at 18 months, they more than delivered on their promise. Excellent result, reliable lights and reliable people”

Rikki Robinson – Structure Building Manager.

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