Emergency LED Lights

Install Dimming Emergency LED lighting

  • If you have Fluorescent lighting in your Car Park and Fire Stairs you could be wasting over 80% of the energy consumed!
  •  Dimming  2 or 4 foot LED Solid State  Emergency  luminaires.  Uses 36W on full illumination and produces 115 lumens per watt.  The light uses 7.2 W or only 20% on standby.  This technology can save over 80% of electricity compared to fluorescent lights.
  • A Dimming LED Oyster fitting is also available to replace 32W corridor fluorescent Oyster fittings which draws 18W on full illumination. This Oyster is also available with an Emergency circuit.
  • A standard 5 years manufacturer warranty applies to all our LED emergency and non-emergency linear lights.
  • The NSW Government ESS rebates apply to our fittings.
  • We now supply replaceable LITHIUM ION batteries in all our Emergency fittings – they will last 5 years or more.

How does it work?

Microwave sensors are installed on 2 or 4 foot LED emergency or non emergency LED Tubes in the Car Park and Fire stairs. The lights are normally dimmed to 30% of full luminance. This means the LED tube uses 5.4W for a standard 4 foot 18W (equivalent light output to a 36W fluorescent tube.)

When people or vehicles enter or move in the Car Park or Fire stairs, the sensors instantly respond. The lights will be dimmed down after a programmed delay (set for between 5 and 30 minutes delay) to match the user experience.



LED Emergency Oyster light

  • Total Energy Savings of over 80% Possible
  • Payback time is usually 9-18 months.
  • Uses 18W on full illumination and 3.6W on standby (dim).
  • Includes a replaceable Lithium Ion battery
  • Installation is by company trained electricians
  • Warranty on parts for 3 years
  • Designed and manufactured to Australian Quality Standards

Go here for details on our Emergency Oyster lights: ECA PRO Oyster