Linear LED Lights

Linear LED Lighting with Dimming technology

A NEW generation of Solid State Dimming Linear LED lights have arrived.

Instead of LED tubes, they are now Solid State, making them more reliable and longer lasting.   a new  the smart option when lighting car parks, fire stairs and other open spaces.

This includes:
> Emergency light fittings
> 2 foot 9W & 18W, 4 foot 36W
>  Microwave (radar) Motion Sensor is programmable to optimise energy savings and lighting amenity.
> Weatherproof (IP 65) diffuser.

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Fluorescent lighting in your fire stairs  ?  you are wasting over 80% of the energy they consume.

Fluroescent tubes that are rated at 36 watts typically consumer well over 40W and up to 50W including the ballast. Our equivalent Syntech Dimming Linear LED light runs on 18W at full illumination and ONLY 5.4W when dimmed.   In a fire stair that’s about 99% of the time.  Reduces your energy consumption by over 80%.

Our EMERGENCY & NON-EMERGENCY FITTINGS suit Car Parks, Corridors & Fire stairs

  • Save maintenance costs, especially when meeting Fire Services inspection requirements.  The SYNTECH LED Emergency  lights include battery charger Modules which can be swapped out by a non-electrician being 12V, reducing long term maintenance costs.
  • LED lights give off very little heat, reducing the risk of injury or fire and reducing cooling loads in buildings.
  • Radar – microwave sensors are sensitive and can be programmed for the scan zone and duration.

NSW Energy Saving Certifciate approved

Microwave Dimming technology

Until recently, fluorescent lighting in car parks, fire stairs and emergency exits required lighting to run 24/7, regardless of the presence of people requiring these lighting levels. Now, thanks to Microwave sensor innovations, it is possible to dim LED lighting in public spaces to 20-30% of their normal energy usage – until a person enters the lighting zone.

·       Each light can be calibrated for :

o    Sensor radius

o    Eco-load (standby wattage down to 20%)

o    Duration on full (after the sensor is activated)

At right is an image of the toggle switch controls, which we calibrate for each light, depending on its location.

This is a whole new level of energy efficency compared to fluorescent lighting, which of course, can’t be dimmed.

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