Energy & Lighting Survey

Energy & Lighting Survey


Reducing energy consumption and costs, greenhouse gas emissions and operation and maintenance costs are just some of the benefits that can be attained by getting started with a Business Energy Survey. This is a (Level 1) Energy Audit. (Call us for details on 0416 211 882.)

Whilst our solution focus is on LED lighting, we can undertake an Energy Audit to ascertain where the energy is going – and what are the priority actions you need to address. Sometimes it is Power Factor correction, sometimes equipment is running in peak rate times when it doesn’t need to or it can be air conditioning motors that are suited to variable speed drives being installed. First we diagnose for problems before we seek out solutions.

We do not ‘push’ products. We apply a robust process using our EnergyMap framework to first, Control then Reduce and eventually Eliminate your power costs. Below is an overview of how we apply this process.

The ENERGY MAP process

First, we undertake a Business Energy Survey to understand how your operation works and what appliances, lights, air conditioning etc is using power.
We then provide you with an Energy Report which analyses your current usage. We can install our Real-time Energy Monitoring device, called an Eniscope. This Eniscope allows us to accurately log where the power is being consumed by individual circuits and right down to an individual machine or building, if necessary. We can then capture power being used in terms of kilowatts, dollars and even carbon output over any period. We call this a Baseline power profile.


Once we have a baseline of power being used we can start on reducing your usage. These savings can come from two sources:
• Plugging energy leaks – eliminating wasted energy such as machines, lights or AC units left running unnecessarily or billing errors can provide easy wins.

• Installing energy-saving devices.
Up-grading to LED lighting provides the highest payback on any energy efficiency investment. Think 1 -2 years. In some cases, Power Factor Correction can demonstrate a 3-5 year payback, especially if there are a lot of motors running. If there are large motors to move air or pump water, then Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) can demonstrate 3-6 year payback on projects.

• Undertake an Energy Savings Project
When we present an LED lighting proposal, we include detailed energy savings calculations, based on government approved energy metrics for our products. We analyse your power bill to get the full kilowatt/hour rate you are being charged. We can then accurately calculate the payback term or ROI on your investment – net of Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) rebates.t


With your energy usage under control and reduced to a minimum you can then move forward to consider renewable energy solutions such as solar panels or solar hot water systems. We can recommend a few good solar companies.


So that we can provide you with our Energy Report we need a few things from you:
1. POWER BILLS –please have your last 12-24 months of power bills on hand for our Energy Consultant to review.
2. KEY MANAGEMENT – please make available the person(s) who knows how your business or facility works, where the power distribution boards are located and the nature of the equipment that uses power.
3. YOUR CONSENT to undertake a Business Energy Survey. Fill out the Survey Inquiry Form HERE

The survey examines electricity usage and tariffs, lighting systems, electric motors, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and takes approximately 3 hours to complete on site with another 4 hours to write up a report.

Please note that Sites over 50 Km from Gordon, NSW 2072 need to pay a travel cost of $1.20 per kilometre, inclusive of the first 50 Km.