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ECA Consulting is an energy efficiency consultancy which focuses on demand side energy efficiency strategies, technologies and solutions. Delivery of our consulting service is headed up by Timothy Etheridge.

Our company takes a practical approach to energy efficiency, meaning we sit between the innovation wave in various technologies and the commercial realities of consumer acceptance. This means we are committed to getting the best value outcome for our clients that optimises technical and financial expectations.

The most effective and reliable way of saving energy ?Bulb chart

Make the leap from Incandescent and CFL bulbs to LED bulbs, tubes and lamps.

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The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) alongside the Global Environment Facility (GEF) have been working through a public-private partnership called en.lighten, to promote and support the uptake of the new generation of high efficiency lighting.

The drivers for facilitating this widespread adoption of new lighting technologies are twofold:
1. To reduce the total energy demand for power generation in all countries, thereby reducing economic costs and carbon emissions.
2. To facilitate the capture of mercury contaminated fluorescent lighting products so that the heavy metal and phosphor waste is properly processed and removed from the natural environment.

The complete phase out of incandescent globes – and the replacement of high mercury fluorescent luminaires is a primary outcome for this global strategy.

Tim from ECA Consulting has a unique mix of technological expertise, consulting experience and personal commitment to assist countries in the Pacific region implement this efficient lighting strategy.

Get in touch with Tim (Click here to send an Email) to discuss any lighting transition projects at the regional, national or state level.

Go HERE to learn about our agency for the Aircycle Bulb Eater 3. Recycling fluorescent tube and CFL waste in remote communities – mining sites, outback towns and ports is now feasible using this practical solution. The Aircycle Bulb Eater.

By crushing fluorescent tubes, the mercury contaminated waste is contained in 200 litre drums. The drums can then be trans-shipped to Brisbane or other port city with dedicated processing facilities.