Commercial offices & car park

Tim Etheridge was asked by the strata manager,  to look at this 3 Level Commercial Strata property in Brookvale, with a view to reducing the power bill.

The building is about 10 years old and well suited to an LED lighting up-grade.  There are 3 levels of fire stairs, lift lobbies, an entry walkway and two levels of basement car parking.  What makes it attractive to up-grade the lights in this building ?

EVERY light being used in the building was a power-hungry, mercury filled fluorescent tube or globe.




REMOVE: Twin CFL (Fluoro globe) down lights were used to give the space a contemporary look.  However, they use about 60W watts.  They also fail regularly, lasting around 6000 hours.

UP-GRADE TO: Clear white (4000K) 20W LED Downlights with a flush face to give the right light levels and ambience. That’s 66% reduction in energy.


The property had traditional Fluorescent tubes, some with Emergency circuits, all burning 24/7.

REMOVE:  Single & Twin 36W fluorescent lights, many with Emergency circuits.

UP-GRADE TO: Dimming Linear LED Solid State lights. This is the new-generation linear light – each light has a sensor than can be calibrated for maximum energy efficiency.  They are rated to last 50,000 hours – or about 6 years if running 24 hours. Fluorescent tubes are rated to about 10,000 hours.


In February 2015 the building used 14,228 kW/Hr of electricity.  (adjusted to 30 days). In September 2016 the building used 10,145 kW/Hr of electricity.

This means the LED lights used 4,083kW less electricity in the 30 day month or per year, a 28% Energy Saving of 49,676 kilowatts.

  • CARBON SAVED…..  This is a 50 tonne reduction of CO2  emissions per year.
  • MONEY SAVED…. As part of his work, Tim identified that Energy Australia were charging a bill average of 38 Cents per kW/Hr.  The Strata Manager then arranged for competitive quotes and Origin now provide energy at 23 cents average rate.

The power bill is now $2,400 per month rather than $5,100 per month. This is a total saving of $32,400 per Year.- or a reduction of over 50%

At constant prices, the energy savings are $11,500 per year or a ROI of 46%


 PAYBACK ….  The project cost the client $24,700 after Energy Saving Scheme rebates, so the savings from energy reduction, reduced fire survey and maintenance costs will repay this project about 18 months.