Save energy with LED lighting

The Energy Warrior is launched...

The Energy Warrior adds new strings to his Bow.       He can now deliver…

LED Lighting Up-grades in Strata & Commercial, with Proenergy.

EV Charging in Strata & Commercial car parks, with Ocular Charging.

Multi-resident Solar PV in Strata with Allume Energy

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Still running Fluorescent lighting in your Strata or Commercial building?

Then you are wasting money – and generating more CO2 than you need to

….get this guy up a ladder and watch your energy bills plummet..



Here is Tim’s recent  win – a car park using T8 (the fat) Fluorescent Tubes…Energy demand has dropped by 65%.

How?  Using our Motion & Daylight sensor TITAN fittings AND using our compEnergy bill graphany electricians to carefully calibrate each light fitting, to minimise energy and produce light only when it’s needed.

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4-8 Bobbin Hd Rd. Energy Report

The client paid $27,500 to up-grade 290 fluoro fittings, after an Energy Saving Scheme rebate of $12,160.

Energy savings (at constant prices) were $22,800.

BUT their energy costs jumped from 25 cents p/Kw -Hr to 40 cents, so the actual savings were $36,600 per year.          A 9 month payback.

Energy saving over 50%

We are leaders in Dimming technologies for LED lights.  We reduce your energy bills by 50-80% depending on the lighting application.

See the results of a recent Car park & Fire Stair up-grade in Homebush.  Energy usage dropped by over 50% when we replaced T5 fluorescent battens with our Motion sensor LED battens.

We are Energy Warriors

Tim Etheridge is a Strata lighting specialist.  He has worked in LED lighting for strata properties exclusively for over 8 years and knows what works in strata and commercial properties, to reduce energy and maintenance bills.The Energy Warrior hunting

Tim is a member of the Strata Community of Australia.  He works with Proenergy to deliver and install the solutions he puts together.  You get the best of personal service with Tim and a solid operation from Proenergy to deliver a quality solution.SCA State Logo POS_NSW

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The world’s leading  Fluorescent Tube & CFL waste crusher

Distributed in Australia by Energy Cost Attack.

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We back our promises

Our Operations team are the best in the game...

One of the guys who keep my promises

We have completed hundreds of LED lighting projects.  I am fortunate to work with the Proenergy guys to supply, install AND support our warranties.  As a team, we are totally focused on making our clients satisfied.

We have an expert team of experienced specialist lighting electricians, who work with us full-time.

Here is our secret weapon – Daniel is our Field Services Manager and he makes certain everything is working at the end of a job – and long after when any warranty issues need to be honoured.

The Energy Warrior adds new strings to his Bow. He can now deliver…

LED Lighting Up-grades in Strata & Commercial, with Proenergy.

EV Charging in Strata & Commercial car parks, with Ocular Charging.

Multi-resident Solar PV in Strata with Allume Energy

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