Corridor Lighting

Dimming LED 18W Oyster lights reduce energy by over 70%

Energy savings – If your building is running ‘Oyster’ fluorescents or halogen downlights in the corridors, they typically run 24 hours a day.  A 27W fluoro Oyster is rated by the NSW Government as using 40W/Hr = 960W per day or 350 kW per year.  At 25 cents per kW/Hour that is $88.00 per light per year.

Our  Dimming LED Oyster fittings run at 5.4W on standby and use 18W on full illumination, when the Microwave sensor detects movement.  If the corridors are used for say 6 hours per day, then the total energy is about 220W per day or 80kW per year.  The LED Oysters save about 270 kW per year or $67.50.

When we install an LED Oyster light in a Strata or Commercial corridor that is lit 24 hours, we charge about $50 for a standard LED Oyster light.  An Emergency LED Oyster light is about $115.  This means the payback is about 9 months for a standard LED Oyster and about a year and 9 months.

Light quality – the LED Oyster light gives an even, clear light.  The standby light levels are excellent – even on standby, the corridors do not look dim or dark.

The full illumination cycle can be set from 5 to 30 minutes, at time of installation.  We can specify warm white (3000K) to Daylight (6000K) depending on the ambience you want to achieve in a space.

The corridors at 361 Kent, Sydney  feel more modern and bright to users and yet the Dimming LED Oysters deliver a huge energy saving.  See the case study here.