Energy Saving Report – Car park


East Quarter is a major residential development in Hurstville, Sydney.  The Strata is managed by Christine Ashfield-Howell of Netstrata and the Building Management is under Nick Conidis of BME Group. Proenergy were chosen on their track record of good project delivery and energy savings.

The first stage has 168 Lots and a large multi-level car park with approximately 520 fluorescent lights, suitable for up-grading to Dimming LED lighting technology. The lighting consultant optimised fittings to minimise energy demand and deliver an improved lighting result

Proenergy were engaged to undertake this lighting up-grade in June – July 2018, using the Energy Saving Scheme to generate a substantial rebate on the overall cost of the project.

 The table at right shows the detailed analysis of theBefore & After energy bills. The suppliers are AGL & Origin and theNMI’s are indicative.

The bills were adjusted to 30 days of supply.

TOTAL ENERGY  SAVINGS per Year   $ 39,311
Reduced energy demand is 155,000 kW or about 155 tonnes of Carbon not being released.

Payback on Energy savings alone is 20.2 months

And the Energy ROI is 59% on the total outlay.

 Estimated MAINTENANCE  SAVINGS per Year $11,600                                         

 Payback on Energy + Maintenance Savings is 15.6 Months

And the Project Return on Investment  is 77%

East Quarter car park after LED lighting up-grade

The above figures are based on the Actual energy bills and verified maintenance costs.


Visitors Car park, off Forest Road. Note the 2 Foot fittings over cars and 4 Foot fittings in the aisles.